Why traveling is important

Why traveling is important

I know this is going to sound bad but All Mexicans are very stupid! –That’s what he said… Literally!

While I was visiting Amsterdam, I met one of the locals. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t traveled much, and sadly his broad view of Mexico, and other countries is not a very accurate one. After hearing, a few of these type of comments, I realized that I am not a violent person, hahaha, surprisingly, I never had the urge to punch him 😌. Once I was back to Los Angeles I was sharing the story with Felix (who is the husband of a lovely lady I know) when I finished my story he replied:

“That is so sad, he is ignorant and unfortunately he is missing out on a great country and culture”.

I guess I never thought about it that way until Felix mentioned it 🤔, he definitely made a very very good point. So, besides NOT testing people’s levels of physical violence, here are other reasons why you should travel.

5 Reasons why traveling is important

1. Learn while having fun

When it comes to learning we usually think of a classroom or a textbook. These avenues can teach you, but nothing compares to experiencing first hand or is nearly as fun as traveling the world; besides… you learn faster that way 😉.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. — Saint Augustine

The world is filled with amazing experiences awaiting you. Can you imagine climbing a pyramid in Mexico, walking Paris at midnight, or being run over by a bicycle in Amsterdam? …Just kidding, I wasn’t run over, but I almost did. 😂

Eurotrip2. Traveling can improve your relationships.

Traveling is important to bond with people or yourself. When traveling with your partner, friend (s) or family you get to connect with them in a very memorable and special way. You get to share stories and experiences that will be remembered for years to come. Please take a look at the pic below of my mom bonding with her kids 😁.

3. Self-discovery

It doesn’t matter how you travel, if alone, with your partner or family.

Traveling will teach you so much about yourself, for example, I learned that I am not shy (at all) to sing out loud while cruising the Arizona desert or that I definitely need to learn how to ask basic questions in other languages such as: Where is the bathroom? –Try to explain that one with signs to a french guy. 😳

By traveling, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses. I became more aware of who I am, and it certainly made me more patience, calm, and tolerant.

4. Traveling is good for your health

Traveling can help us feeling recharged, it makes us feel happier and more relaxed. I also noticed that it works better than “Flexeril” (super strong muscle relaxer). Before I went on my 2-month trip to Europe, I was feeling a lot of pain around my neck and shoulders due to stress. After just a week in Paris, my pain COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! No Flexeril ever worked this well 😊

5. Get’s you homesick

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are. When we travel we get to remember the great things our city and country has to offer, things that we tend to forget.

I’ve never been more grateful for where I live than after a winter in Paris… For example: before I left I used to complain about how small my apartment is but I didn’t really know the meaning of small until I was living in Paris, my apartment super tiny (tiny) apartment in Paris made my LA studio look like a mansion!

I would take any opportunity that allowed me to talk proudly of my city and countries to people I met in Europe. I even cyber stalked Los Angeles on Instagram while I was away!

Now that you know why traveling is important, you can start planning your trip, and if you can’t afford a trip to another continent, don’t feel bad about that or let it stop you from a nice weekend getaway somewhere near you, a cool road trip in your country or even a staycation.

Here is a picture after I returned from Paris celebrating my birthday with some friends and family, I am a lucky lady 😍

And just in case you are now planning on where to go, here are some ideas for you 😉

Mexico City  OMG! What an amazing city and country!

Salt Lake City, Not only the city is beautiful but the people that live there are extremely nice!

More travel ideas coming soon!!!

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  1. Patricia
    July 23, 2018 / 2:48 pm

    I think a lot of people don’t take the time to think before speaking, and also they like to judge by information they’ve heard and not by what they’ve seen or experienced. Regardless of anything it good you reacted the right way I’ve learned to not take anything personal. Yes traveling should be experienced in order to grow as human beings and it’s very true that it will make you feel either homesick or grateful..

      July 23, 2018 / 2:58 pm

      For sure!
      I was definitely very surprised by his comments, I guess because I always thought that in Europe all people were less affected by the media bad rep that they give to Mexico and other South America countries. But, I learn that ignorance is everywhere and the media can really affect the way people perceive other countries.

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