What to do in Mexico City

Have you ever been in a place that blows your mind away? That’s exactly what Mexico City will do to you. The city itself is a cosmopolitan, modern, and vibrant place, rich in history and culture. But before we get into that let’s talk about what most people worry about. Is it safe to visit Mexico City?

Is Mexico City safe?

Just like many of you, I was also skeptical about going to Mexico City, why? well, because just like you I’ve heard a lot of bad news about it and because it is one of the biggest cities in the world.  Despite the bad reputation media gives to Mexico and Mexico City I wanted to experience it for myself.  So, Is it safe to visit Mexico City? The answer is yes –for the most part. Here’s what you need to know.

Mexico City has almost 9 million people. Just like Los Angeles or New York, Mexico City is huge. There are a lot of people and most are good, but just like in every other place, some are bad. You would never go to “skid row” after 7 pm, right? That’s unsafe! You wouldn’t walk at night in Compton or walk alone at night in Hollywood–you could be robbed or worse. It’s the same in Mexico City; you must take precautions just like you would in any other place.

It is not true that it’s necessarily unsafe to go to Mexico City–that they will most definitely kidnap you or that you will certainly be robbed. Like anywhere, it just requires some common sense…

While I was there I was lucky to be hosted by a childhood friend that has been living in Mexico City for a while now, he taught me the safety measures I had to take, they were all very simple and just common, for example: When it is late just take an uber, Ubers are very inexpensive in Mexico City and just like in every big city in U. S., there are a lot of them! Don’t walk alone at night, why would you do that in a big city you don’t know? that makes no sense. I wouldn’t do that in Mexico City or anywhere, even in my neighborhood (I live in a pretty safe neighborhood in LA), I still don’t do that at late hours of the night! Pay attention to your surroundings (no further explanation needed).

And in case you need more statistics about Mexico City, I will put a link below for you to look at 😉

What to do in Mexico City?

Eat as much as humanly possible

Have you ever gain 7 pounds in 10 days? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I visited Mexico City. And most likely it will happen to you too 🙃. The food in Mexico City will exceed your expectations! I was very excited about being in a city and I was also very curious about trying the food there. I have always heard people talking about the food and how amazing it was, and until my trip, I never quite understood what they meant, until now 😁

I will try my best to describe the food down there…

It’s wishing that you could plug in a new stomach once one was full, so you could taste and eat more food. It is physically impossible to eat everything your heart desires ☺. I have never been a foodie, but now I can say… I am a Mexico City foodie–it’s the best food I have had in my life!

cocktail de elote


Besides the food that makes you wish for a bigger stomach, there are a lot of other qualities the city offers.

Visit Teotihuacan “The place where gods were created”

This is such a treasure! It’s located about 25 miles northeast of Mexico City, it’s one of the few archaeological places where you can actually get to the top of each pyramid and temple, but beyond that… I think what stood out the most is how majestic and calm the place is. You can take your time to walk to each temple and really contemplate and imagine how this ancient civilization lived. There are plenty of people selling souvenirs along the main “street” called “Avenue of The Dead” my absolute favorites were flute-like instruments that (when played correctly, unlike when played by me) recreate the sound of jaguars. It can get kind of scary due to how closely it resembles that sound. You can also buy one that creates beautiful music that goes perfectly with the pyramids and the history of the place. It’s like the perfect soundtrack for your experience in this ancient place.

Things to consider when you go there:

  • Bring your friends! (I was lucky enough to share this with 3 amazing ones, making this experience even more spectacular).
  • I love black clothes (as you probably already noticed) but for this occasion, I would suggest white or lighter colors, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, a hat and don’t forget water!
  • Bring cash to buy souvenirs. I would recommend the flutes, they are pretty awesome and very inexpensive (about $5 USD).
  • There is a cover, $4 USD to get in.
  • You can get there by bus.Teotihuacan, Restaurant
  • Get there as early as you can as there is plenty to see. They are open from 9am-5pm, every single day!

Have you ever eaten in a Cave?

Well… You can! After your tour through the pyramids, you can eat at the restaurant “La Gruta”. The restaurant is inside a grotto, decorated to perfection, and offers amazing pre-Hispanic cuisine.

Since this place has been there since 1906, many people have had the pleasure of experiencing this including Queen Elizabeth II, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and many more (like possibly you :D!)

It’s conveniently located just 650 ft. from door number 5 of the Teotihuacan Archaeological site, just behind the Pyramid of the Sun.

Here is a link to the official website – “La Gruta Restaurant”


Xochimilco (Las trajineras)

Carmelita Trajinera

Gathering your friends, rent a canoe, hire a mariachi, and have the very best day. This is a common activity for Mexicans–no wonder they are always in a good mood! In Mexico City, you don’t have to own a boat to enjoy something like this!

These colorful gondola-like boats are up for rent. They can take you and your friends to cruise the famous canals of Xochimilco (the last remnants of a vast water transport system built by the Aztecs). The atmosphere is so festive. Once you start cruising the canals, you will find floating mini-restaurants, other canoes selling souvenirs, you can hire a floating mariachi band to play you a song or two (or as many you can afford), or you can hook your canoe to another along the way (with their permission, of course).

This experience can be a peaceful and romantic one or a crazy party on a boat. It all depends on your mood and company!


  • Bathrooms. There are no bathrooms on the boat but you can ask them to stop at a restroom (there is no need to hold it ☺).
  • If you are planning on staying there all day, wear jeans and bring a super warm jacket for the night. t gets super cold at night (I mean it).
  • Bring mosquito repellent, this is a MUST! Bring cash for everything, including the bathrooms. There is a $0.50 fee (USD).
  • You can bring your own food, alcohol, and music. Yay to Bluetooth speakers!
  • The boats are rented by the hour.
  • Don’t drink too much or you could fall off the canoe… hehe. This did happen when I was there. Twice! To the same person!.

Fall in love with Coyoacán

What a beautiful place! no wonder Frida Kahlo lived most of her life there. Coyoacan is known as the bohemian and artsy epicenter of the city and it has definitely become one of my favorite places in the world, there is something about this town that makes it so special, it’s like going back to the times of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, you can almost see it and you can definitely smell it, since there are a lot of food vendors and restaurants all around!

There are many things to do and eat in Coyoacan. You can visit the church considered one of the most beautiful churches in Mexico City, visit a cultural event (that seems to happen every other block), visit some museums (we will talk about it in below) have some delicious food or simply sit by a bench to people watch while enjoying some “churros”.

Visit The Mexican Legends Homes… Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo's house

Visiting “La Casa Azul” museum (The blue house) is necessary. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are one of the most famous couples in Mexican History and in Art History. Both Diego and Frida loved and embraced Mexican history and their Mexican roots. They also cared about sharing with people the historical pieces they collected over the years. This is why they decided that, after their death, they would make their homes museums.

***Don’t forget to buy a Frida Kahlo’s doll!

Anahuacalli Museum

Diego Rivera was very passionate about architecture. He decided to build a home-studio that not only made a statement, but also included history. I was quite astonished when I arrived to this museum. it caught me off guard.

You can tell that Diego was really obsessed with Teotihuacan and other native Mexican cultures.
The Anahuacalli (name that Diego gave to this building) is built of black volcanic stone. It looks like a pyramid and has 3 floors. The first floor is dedicated to the underworld It’s pretty dark and cool It has different rooms that are now dedicated to show part of the 50,000 pre-hispanic pieces Diego collected over his lifetime. The second floor represents the terrestrial plane and was intended to be Diego’s studio. Unfortunately, Diego died before this was completed and never got to use it. The studio of a muralist… Can you imagine the height of that ceiling? Pretty high 😉 Lastly the third floor represents the heavens. Here, you can continue to appreciate more art and also get outside to a nice terrace overseeing Coyoacan and Mexico City.















Things to know before you go:

  • By purchasing a ticket to either Anahuacalli or “La Casa Azul” museum, you will also get admission to the other one.
  • Buying the ticket online is very easy and it might save you a long line. It’s best to go during a weekday.
  • You need to get a photographer permit that costs about $3 USD per person, per museum.

I would highly recommend experiencing Mexico City. I would also like to add that getting from place to place is not a challenge at all! (Thanks Uber ☺). If you have any other questions about it, please ask me in the comments section!



Click HERE for more stadistics about Mexico City

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