Not all that is velvet is good

Not all that is velvet is good

From , , clothes, shoes, hairpieces and lingerie, you can pretty much find everything made of velvet this fall 2017. It is definitely a strong trend. Just to make things clear… I am not complaining–I love velvet! I mean, there is a reason why velvet has been around since the 13th century and very popular among royalty and wealthy people.

When there is a trend that strikes this hard, we often try to buy everything and anything that we can get our hands on, but ladies… This is unnecessary! All you have to do is pick and choose what it is you will get with this gorgeous fabric. Can you imagine having a girls’ night at your place and your pillows, sofa, and curtains all match your outfit? It would be like going to a party and finding 3 people wearing the same dress that you are or you matching the table cloth of the venue. Not a very fun scene :/

So, like anything in life… We should be selective and always aspire to get the best we can… Now that we’ve established that we cannot match everything in our home, let’s select key pieces that look great on you and make a royal statement.

Since velvet has become so popular brands have started using lower quality velvet to make their garments. So if what you want is to look like royalty, you just need to pay attention to how the fabric feels and looks and compare them to each other–and, of course, get the one you fall in love with that fits within your budget.

As I was walking through the Beverly Center Mall, I saw so many things made in velvet, but I was looking for the one piece that I love… And I found this velvet, royalty look-alike top. This beautiful blouse is made of great fabric that is incredibly soft and a has a rich, deep wine color. It’s a blend of viscose and silk (80/20) and the top satin part is made of silk. The way the blouse looks in the day and night is wonderful–it’s such a sophisticated look that it will certainly not match any couch or curtains of any home. So this is a great example of a safe choice, and one that will become a timeless addition to your wardrobe!

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