8 Makeup Essentials for Carry-On Travel

8 Makeup Essentials for Carry-On Travel

Traveling and Makeup… Often times we bring way too many things on our trips, for sure I have been guilty of that, but if there is something I have learned in the past month of traveling in Europe is that –if you don’t use it at home you will most likely not use it during the trip.

Even knowing this I sometimes still make the mistake of thinking ­–But what if I go out and I want to practice that awesome contouring video I saw on YouTube… You won’t, trust me! when traveling what we want most is to see and explore places and of course, take an awesome pic for Instagram and Facebook so let’s get smart on our packing! Your back and arms will really appreciate that.  Here is a list of essential makeup products that will help you look amazing for your Instagram photos.

1. Sunscreen

I can’t stress enough the importance of sunscreen, whenever people ask me about my secret to prevent wrinkles I basically say “I’ve been wearing sunscreen for a long time” so, when traveling it cannot be the exception. You can find a review of different sunscreen here. I also would like to share with you about my recent find… The Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen , this sunscreen feels super moisturizing and light on the skin, it’s also lightly tinted. They make it in a travel size which makes it even more convenient for traveling light. Don’t forget to shake it before you use it.

You can buy the Coola Travel Kit  HERECoola Sunscreen review

2. Concealer

Seriously! You must get this, I’ve been using this since it came up and it’s just so amazing and practical, not only for traveling light but also as an everyday retouch kid 😉

I remember when 2-in-1 was amazing! I mean…3-in-1? What could be better than that? Here is how this palette works! Instead of using foundation, use concealer the concealer as a foundation or to treat problem spots or/and the under eye area. It comes in 3 color palettes and as I said it is perfect a makeup essential for carry-on travel or for every day.  It has a concealer, highlighter, and color. Here are more details on how to use it:

Conceal- Use it on blemishes and under your eyes, you could even use it as a foundation.

Highlight- Apply this on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose,  inner corner of your eyes or even as an eyeshadow.

Color- This I use it as blush and lipstick.

You can buy it HERE

Chanel Palet review

Chanel Palette Essentielle 3-in-1 review

3. Mascara

I  don’t know how you feel about going through life without mascara but I feel naked without it! Here are 2 of my favorites:

When traveling you can get a little sweaty or take a nap on the trip. This mascara is the perfect solution to avoid raccoon eyes and still give you amazing volume.

It gives you amazing volume and last all day long.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Volume

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof Volume review

4. Eyebrow Pencil

I remember the time when I felt so uncomfortable coloring my eyebrows and now… I can’t live without it. Try   (I use number 40), this is a very easy to use and it last all day, it has a brush on the opposite side and also comes with a pencil sharpener.

5. Brow Mascara (Optional)

This can be optional for you, I am all about the eyebrows. love how “well define eyebrows” can totally change your eye look, and make you look well put together without doing much, so to keep your eyebrows in place you can use the YSL Couture Brow (I use number 1), nothing will move after that! 😉

Chanel Eyebrow Pencil and YSL eyebrow mascara


6. Black Eye Liner

The greatest thing about eyeliner is that you can do a subtle line by day, and intensify it by night giving you a very versatile look.

I was never too fond of gel eyeliners but this one definitely changed my mind. , Long-wear Intense Cream Eyeliner (I use 65 Hyperblack), it comes with a mini brush, is super easy to achieve the perfect wing and last all day.

Calligraphie de Chanel review7. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are super uncomfortable –and the last thing you need to worry when traveling. That’s why bringing a good moisturizing lip balm is essential, my favorite is  I don’t particularly like the packaging since it takes too much space but eos finally came up with a ‘lipstick type’ of packaging which is much better for traveling. Yay!

eos review

8. Perfume

I think smelling good is always essential so don’t forget to pack your favorite perfume when traveling, many brands make little versions of our favorite perfumes or you can also buy a perfume container and add some in or go to a department store and ask someone to make you a sample of your favorite perfume 😉

One of my new favorites is the Black Opium from YSL.

Black Opium Review

Comment and let me know your Essential Makeup Products when traveling!




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