How I discovered French women beauty secret

How I discovered French women beauty secret

While I was in Paris I met a cute French guy I used to have wine with, during one of these times I was talking to him about wanting and NEEDING to whitening my teeth. He, being the nice person he is, said–You don’t need that! I determinately said “Yes, I do!”,  He continued to give me his opinion on why this was unnecessary, to him, it was perfectly natural to have yellowish teeth after you hit a certain age, there was nothing wrong with that, on the contrary having bright white teeth would actually look very weird, fake and unnatural. 

He definitely made a point, because once he mentioned that is when I realized that every time I’ve seen someone with super white teeth I immediately know that they bleached them, that is unnatural, but he also made me realized what the French woman beauty secret is all about!

“Je ne sais quoi”? Ha! I know exactly what it is!

French girls beauty secrets

“Je ne sais quoi”? Ha! I know exactly what it is!

After my friend finished explaining the “why I shouldn’t bleach my teeth” is when I put all the pieces together…  ☝🏼First of all, I’ve never seen that many people smoking, drinking as much red wine, and coffee like the French, it is well known that all of those things make your teeth yellow but☝🏼why is it that I never noticed French women with bright yellow teeth or super white teeth either? 

Could it be that French women bleach their teeth but just enough to look naturally white?

I think that’s exactly what they do! So, I changed my mind, not about whitening my teeth but about how white should I bleach them? I didn’t want people to see me as fake or even worse, for people to realize that I was so insecure about my teeth that I went overboard with finding a solution, a solution that made it more obvious and that would make me look unnatural and fake. Instead, I wanted to be more like the French women I saw, effortlessly beautiful. 

In Paris, I got to observed french women every day, during the snowing day, sunny days, and of course, raining days! They always looked perfectly put together but without being perfect or putting in any effort, as if they were all blessed with effortless beauty. I know this sounds confusing but it isn’t. The French women beauty secret is to use beauty products to enhance their natural look and physique, without giving away that there was something done. Not even my French guy friend could tell that women in Paris bleach their teeth (That’s how good they are 😌).

When enhancing your beauty, how much is enough?

French women beauty secret

Beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself – Coco Chanel

A long time ago a friend of mine made me swear that I would never use too much makeup, this was after he saw the girl he had the biggest crush on without makeup (crush length: 2 years). He was so shocked, disappointed and confused because he felt that she lied to him, he even resented her for those two years he liked her.

Later on, I got to experience the same situation with a girl I knew. She was my friend and I’ll never forget how I felt after I saw her without makeup, first I was scared (I am sorry but I was taken by surprise!) then shocked by the fact that she looked nothing like herself,  and then deceived, as if she has been hiding who she was and how she looked. It was almost like I couldn’t trust her anymore,  as if she was a lier.

Unlike a lot of us in America,  French women got it right! Is about using just the right amount of beauty products and finding the perfect balance to keep looking like yourself and just enhance what you got.

French women aren’t “all natural”, but they are experts at making it look that way, this is what the whole“Je ne sais quoi” is all about and its the ultimate French women beauty secret. 😉 Just like them, we can mimic that, and use beauty products just to enhance our natural beauty, and not hide how we look behind a mask of products that in the end, you will just make people feel disappointed once they see the real you.

Isn’t the whole point to be accepted for who we are? How could people do that if we don’t even dare to show them how we really look?

So… Are you covering it up? or enhancing?

French girl beauty secret

This is me… Unretouched, wearing confidence plus a few other beauty products 😉

And just to get this “All natural”  movement going, I decided to only use 3 products on my face for this photo shoot, here there are:


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